The Jefferson Athletic Foundation (JAF) Special Funding Request (SFR) process is to be used for larger one time investments that are not expected to be recurring, or requests that serve more than one sport.

To make a request, complete the Special Funding Request form following the instructions included in the form. Each request will be reviewed by the Executive Board - Special Funding Request Sub-Committee.  Decisions are made after a review of all funding requests and approved based on which requests best meet the mission of the Jefferson Athletic Foundation, as itemized within the decision making criteria. Special Projects can be requested by any sports team or by any JAF board member.

Maximum amount of request: $15,000

Projects that are more than $1,000 in total cost must have a funding source in addition to JAF to share at least 50% of the total cost of the project.

For example: for a project with a total cost of $2,000, JAF would approve no more than $1,000 and only if the source for the other $1,000 has been identified.

Jefferson Athletic Foundation's role in funding should be seen as a supplement to Bloomington City and School District funding sources, versus a replacement.

Complete the following form to submit your request